April 26, 2016

Consider Using A Tax Refund to Advance Your Future

If you are lucky enough to receive a tax refund this year, then you are faced with the decision of how to spend it.

You have many options; take a vacation, pay off debt, or simply save it. But, what if used your tax refund to own and operate a franchised business centered on stable revenues and growth opportunity? Use your tax refund to advance your future

According to Small Business Research Report (Jan. 2016), Janitorial Services are slated to grow 2.1% annually till 2019. That means over the next few years revenues from janitorial services are projected to grow $5.6 billion. If you’ve ever considered owning your own business, investing your tax refund in your own janitorial franchise can provide an excellent opportunity.

Aside from the opportunity to capitalize on the expanding commercial cleaning industry, there are many other benefits. Owning a Vanguard Cleaning Systems janitorial franchise business allows you to:

  • Be your Own Boss
  • Begin a business with a relatively low investment
  • Utilize a proven business model
  • Manage risk by controlling the timing and ramp up of your business
  • Get access to educational opportunities

The Vanguard Cleaning Systems franchise organization has a proven business concept that has existed since 1984. The brand has consistently been included in Entrepreneur Magazine’s annual Franchise 500 list. Your investment in the commercial cleaning industry can be less risky with a local, independent Vanguard Master Franchise office to support you. Contact your regional Vanguard Cleaning Systems Master Franchise to learn more.