January 26, 2015

Advanced Cleaning and the Division of Roles

Advance Cleaning, also known as team cleaning, works well in larger facilities with multiple individuals. To understand the 4 unique roles, their descriptions have been listed below:

  • Office Role – The office duty includes emptying waste baskets, dusting, and spot cleaning with a cloth and spray bottle. The crew member performing this role usually has a trash barrel with a caddy bag for collecting trash and holding all the necessary tools and supplies.
  • Vacuum Role – The vacuum role includes all carpet vacuuming, some high dusting tasks that can be performed using vacuum attachments and often some hard surface floor areas.
  • Restroom Role – The restroom role includes all activities involved in cleaning restrooms, showers and locker rooms.
  • General Role – The general role includes damp mopping any hard surface floors outside of the restrooms, removing all building trash out to the exterior collection area, and often includes cleaning the stairways and elevators. Certain detailing activities, such as removing spots from carpets or dusting blinds, are often assigned to the general duty role as well.

Different Sizes

Although there are 4 roles, that does not mean you need 4 different people. This system works well with a 2-person or 3 person group. With smaller groups, a group member would start at one role in the beginning, and then switch to a different role at the end.

  • 2-Person – at the beginning, one person assumes the Office Role, and the other assumes the Vacuum Role. When the Office Role finishes, this person then switches over to either the Restroom Role or the General Role. When the Vacuum Role finishes, this person would take the remaining role.
  • 3-Person – at the beginning, each of the three advance members assumes the Office, Vacuum or Restroom Role. As each finishes, they take a piece of the General Role responsibilities until all activities are finished.

Any parties interested in learning more about Vanguard Franchise Opportunities and/or Advance Cleaning is encouraged to contact his or her local Vanguard Cleaning Systems Regional Office for more information. To read more about either this system or the differences between Advanced Cleaning vs. Zone Cleaning, please review our earlier articles!