January 12, 2015

Advanced Cleaning and Zone Cleaning

What’s the Difference?

In Zone Cleaning, responsibilities are divided among individuals by area. For example, in a 4-story building, each member of a 4-person unit would clean one whole floor. Each would do everything on that floor – restrooms, dusting, trash, vacuuming, mopping, and spot cleaning. Each would be equipped with all the tools to perform every cleaning activity.

In Advanced Cleaning, also known as team cleaning, instead of dividing responsibilities by zone, they are divided by activities. Each member of the group focuses only on their set of activities, which they perform throughout the building. With fewer activities to master and less changing of equipment, each member works faster. And with the built-in structure for scheduling the weekly and monthly cleaning activities, important areas are less likely to be overlooked, so the cleaning is more thorough even as it is completed in less time. Each member requires only the tools necessary to complete their role, so the investment in equipment that the Franchise Owner has to make is smaller compared with Zone Cleaning.

Any Franchise Owner interested in learning more about this system is encouraged to contact his or her local Vanguard Cleaning Systems Regional Office for more information. To learn more about Advanced Cleaning, please review our earlier article!