August 29, 2017

Efficiency Through Advanced Cleaning

Advanced Cleaning is a systematic approach created to efficiently clean large facilities. There are four unique cleaning roles in Advanced Cleaning:

  • Office Role – The office cleaning role includes dusting, spot cleaning with a cloth and spray bottle, and emptying waste baskets. The cleaning crew member performs this role typically with a trash barrel and a caddy bag for collecting trash and holding all the necessary tools and supplies.
  • Vacuum Role – Carpet vacuuming utilizes a backpack vacuum for more efficient workflow. Other cleaning tasks falling under this role include high dusting using vacuum attachments and vacuuming hard surface floor areas to prep the floors for mopping.
  • Restroom Role – The restroom role includes all activities involved in cleaning and restocking restrooms, showers and locker rooms.
  • General Role – The general role includes damp mopping any hard surface floors outside of the restrooms, removing all building trash out to the exterior collection area, and often includes cleaning the stairways and elevators. Certain detailing activities, such as removing spots from carpets or dusting blinds, are often assigned to the general duty role as well.

Different Sizes:
While there are four roles, this system works well with a two-person or three-person group as well. With smaller cleaning crews, a crew member would start at one role in the beginning, and then switch to a different role at the end. For example, for a two-person cleaning crew, each person could take on two roles. For a three person crew, each of the three cleaning crew members assumes the Office, Vacuum or Restroom Role. As each finishes, they take-on a piece of the General Role responsibilities until all activities are completed.

The advantages of utilizing a systematic approach like Advanced Cleaning include speed, efficiency, and a consistent Standard of Clean®. Cleaning specialists generally work more efficiently and effectively than generalists. By eliminating the need for switching back and forth between the tools needed for each role a cleaning crew can save time, and this time savings can be applied to greater emphasis of completion of the kinds of detailing activities that are often overlooked by zone cleaners.

Any parties interested in learning more about Vanguard Franchise Opportunities and/or Advanced Cleaning is encouraged to contact his or her local Vanguard Cleaning Systems Regional Office for more information. To read more about this system or the differences between Advanced Cleaning vs. Zone Cleaning, please review our earlier articles!

About the Vanguard Cleaning Systems Brand:
The Vanguard Cleaning Systems organization is built upon over 3,000 independently owned and operated franchised commercial cleaning businesses, which are licensed and supported by a Master Franchise network of 53 independent regional offices throughout North America. Vanguard® franchised commercial cleaning businesses service more than 15,000 businesses, healthcare companies, educational facilities, and nonprofit organizations.