November 16, 2015

Are Sick Employees Costing Your Company Money?

Office cleaning has a very real and measurable value, and yet for some the last thing they want to think about is the performance of their commercial cleaning. However, an investment in the right commercial cleaning program may produce substantial savings over the course of a year, as well as boost employee productivity.

The following infographic provided by ISSA®, the worldwide cleaning industry association, shows that attention to cleaning common office surfaces like phones, keyboards and door handles can reduce virus contamination by 62% and gain 2-8% in productivity. The ISSA® study shows that common cold, influenza, and cognitive skills affected by dust exposure all contribute to absenteeism with an average of 7.7 sick days per employee/per year and an average cost of $225.8 billion per year.

Investing in the right commercial cleaning program may improve your bottom line and keep your employees healthy and productive. Learn about the Vanguard Standard of Clean® and contact your Vanguard regional office today for a free commercial cleaning quote.

The Value of Clean