June 15, 2016

Ready to Be An Entrepreneur?

SoTo Franchise or to start-up a business; that is the question. When you consider becoming an entrepreneur do you wonder whether to buy a franchise or start a business from scratch? There are a few ways to go about making such a decision. Like most opportunities you weigh the pros and cons in order to find the path best suited to your hopes, dreams, and financial goals.

Franchise vs Start-up

Franchise Business vs Start upIf you are considering owning and operating an independent business, be it through the purchase of a franchise, or going it on your own, listen to this podcast from SCORE that features Bob Melberth of Entrepreneur Score. The 20-minute interview looks at the franchise model and outlines factors to consider when purchasing a franchise versus starting a business from scratch. Read the transcript, or listen to the audio podcast with your Apple ID or SoundCloud log-in.

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