March 12, 2015

Improved Methods for Green Cleaning Help Make it a Viable Option for Businesses

Rising concerns over both health and environmental issues have brought on many changes over the last several years. One of these changes is an increased emphasis on the quality of the indoor environment. Now, people have realized that a good indoor space doesn’t just look clean and smell nice. It also reduces toxins, allergens, and irritants. Since most people still want their areas to be clean and fresh-smelling as well as healthy, this has brought about a big change in how cleaning and other maintenance is done.

Even though the idea of using healthier cleaning methods has been around for quite a while, the concept didn’t really take off until the development of effective green cleaning products. This development took quite a while because the first solutions that were tried weren’t just mild to humans, but mild on dirt as well. While many die-hards were willing to replace chemical power with standard, old-fashioned elbow grease, the market in general wanted nothing to do with that. Therefore, cleaning supply manufacturers needed to find ways to eliminate the toxicity while making sure that the job didn’t become harder at the same time.
One solution that has proven to be a winner is microfiber. This cloth is soft enough to be safe on delicate surfaces, but is wonderful at grabbing dirt particles. It is a force amplifier for elbow grease that allows someone to use just a few swipes to remove grime that would otherwise require serious scrubbing. Because it works mechanically rather than chemically, it leaves no toxic residue behind.Green Globe held in someone's hands

This is just one of the mainstays used by janitorial services that offer green cleaning packages. Another one is organic cleaning solutions. These solutions replace harsh, man-made chemicals with organic compounds like vinegar, ethanol, and lemon juice. The correct formulations of such compounds provide strong cleaning effects that will allow surfaces to be made spotless when used in combination with microfiber cloths and other tools.

Thanks to the demand for environmentally friendly cleaning, more and more cleaning services are offering packages that include these tools and solutions. Now that the systems are standardized, the end result is mild on humans, but is once again tough on dirt.

There’s no need to wonder which services offer environmentally friendly cleaning.

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