November 23, 2015

Office Cleaning Tip of the Month – Rough the Scuffs.

Let’s face it; office floors can take a beating. As the holidays rapidly approach you may consider your office cleaning and the perfect time to assess the floors within your office building. With employees taking time off to be with family and friends, less foot traffic in your office creates an opportunity for a office cleaning to clean office floor scuff marks

Perhaps your office space has carpet that could use a commercial carpet cleaning service, or floors that are dull and show multiple scuff marks that could use a good strip and wax. Whatever the case, a clean office floor contributes heavily to the overall office environment, so consider using the holiday time to “Rough the Scuffs” and make the floors in your commercial building shine.

Here’s a handy tip from “How to Clean Stuff” ( that may help clean up your office floors, and perhaps an idea to use in your home as well.

Use a tennis ball to remove scuff marks from VCT floors. How to: take a plain tennis ball and carefully cut a small “x” into the top. To avoid injury, do not hold the ball in your hand as you cut it, but rather place it on a firm surface or use a vise grip. Once cut, insert the top of a broom handle into the “x” and using the tennis ball end of the broom rub the scuff marks out of the floor.